Sound Off! ‘Sky Cutter’ Futuristic Jet Builds from Thundercats

Sky Cutter

Sound Off! is a series of quick posts sharing custom sound effects.

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Special Edition: Paying it forward with Calming Waves


Hi all! Yes, it’s been a while, but I have a decent excuse. Soundslikejeff has a little one now and it turns out life can be time consuming when you have kids. Which brings me to my next topic:

When the little one was going to sleep at night, we wanted to have something soothing playing for her. I like waves because I have a certain fondness for the beach. Well, the ‘soothing lamb’ we bought turns off automatically after 45 minutes, which was simply not long enough (plus, the fidelity was horrible). By the time our little one woke up to start a new sleep cycle, the waves were long gone and every noise in our tiny house was audible.

My wife had the genius idea to have me create a seamless loop that could play all night on an old iPod. I gathered some of my favorite wave samples, worked a little EQ and compression to make sure nothing odd poked it’s head out and did my best to space them out somewhat evenly.

It’s been a while now and the little one is a fantastic sleeper. I thought I’d pay it forward to all of you frustrated parents out there who might be in need of a hand. As with all my sounds, the download is free. Happy sleeping and thanks for listen to what sounds like Jeff.

Project Spotlight: Bigfoot & Grey

My friend and animation producer/director extraordinaire Chris Savino has put together a fantastic short starring a live action (and well groomed) Bigfoot and his alien friend Grey. Chris funded the project through Indie Go-Go and started a blog of his own to chronicle the entire experience. If you are into DIY production, I think you’ll find it facinating. Read all the details from the creation of the Grey puppet (from scratch!) all the way to the green screen shoot and post process.

This quirky little commercial features my sound design as well as an original theme song I wrote. I’ve been told it is catchy, which makes me happy. Check out the video below and tell your friends to jump on board and help Bigfoot and Grey on the run go viral!

Insider Info! After hearing the theme song a few times, Chris asked me if I had lyrics in mind when I wrote it. To be honest, I didn’t, however I did come up with these on the spot (see if you at home can fit the following into the credits music):

Let’s all go on the run with Bigfoot.
a-and his A-li-en friend Grey!

As always, thanks for listening for what sounds like Jeff.

Sound Off! Thundercats Tiger Fighter (Futuristic Jet)

Sound Off! is a series of quick posts sharing custom sound effects.

“Thundercats Tiger Fighter Builds”

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Image from the official

Sound Off! Sword of Omens Unsheath/Sheath

Sound Off! is a series of quick posts sharing custom sound effects. 

“Sword Of Omens Unsheath”

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“Sword Of Omens Sheath”

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Image from the official Thundercats Facebook Page.

From the Trenches: Spec Work

From the Trenches is a series of posts sharing true life experiences and stories from within the fun and exciting (although sometimes crazy and convoluted) world of sound design.

And we’ll start with some unsolicited advice:  If you can avoid it, don’t work on spec.

I get it. When you’re first starting out in any job, it’s truly hard to get your foot in the door. It’s the classic Catch-22 of needing to know a skill to work in a field where you can only learn that skill by working in that field. A large majority of people then chose to work for free (or peanuts) in order to gain the necessary experience. All I’m saying is, if you can avoid this route, please do. And if you absolutely must work ‘on spec,’ keep the projects small and don’t do it for too long.

That said, once you’ve been working for a while in this industry, it can be pretty common practice to do a ‘test’ on a LARGE project before it will come to your door. In my case, I’m specifically referring to projects on the series level of television. If a production is going to drop 26+ episodes of television work on your doorstep, wanting a small taste of what you can do for them is completely understandable.

The Backstory:

A few years back I was asked to create some spec sound design in hopes of attracting an animated series about a kid who can turn his body into all kinds of machines and weapons (as a courtesy, I’m not going to mention the specific show. But you’re smart. You’ll probably have enough clues to figure it out). Long story short, we didn’t get the show. There are a number of reasons why any given television series can chose to go to any given studio.

The point is, besides the handful of people that got this batch of test sounds in their email, these sounds never saw the light of day. They are highly specialized so reusing is probably not much of an option. Thus, I’m posting them here for you to check out. If nothing else, it should be (slightly?) interesting to hear an entirely realized set of sounds created without any images or references.

The direction:

Organic matter gives way to metallic contructs. Think: trees creaks and liquid bubbling to create high tech metal machinery. Also… we need big footsteps. And servos.

The product:

“Organic Robot Transformation 1”
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“Organic Robot Transformation 2”
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“Organic Robot Servos”
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“Organic Robot Walk Cycle”
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As always, thanks for listening for what sounds like Jeff.

This week’s image comes from the futuristicky.