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The team behind the new Thundercats series has started their own blog: Crew of Omens!

Check it out. It’s full of insider information, fan art and links and will be a great read for anyone interested in about all aspects of producing an animated series. Plus, if you have any questions for the crew it’s a great place to get answers. This kind of transparency between fans and producers is pretty rare so take advantage of it. Special thanks go out to them for reblogging my soundslikejeff posts. Lets support them and continue to build this community together!

Crew of Omens – The Thundercats Crew Blog

Fan art source: *farfie-kins 


3 thoughts on “Thundercats Crew Blog

  1. Hi Jeff!

    Your name’s Jeff right? XD

    Anyways, thanks for highlighting my work on your blog, I appreciate it! It’s so cool that you get to work on the sounds for thundercats, I think my favorite sound byte so far is that ringing sound of the sword.

    I have a question for you, do you happen to know if there is going to be a soundtrack cd of Thundercats? Thank you!

    • Hi Dou,

      Thanks for the art!! I love your Tcats inspired images and appreciate you sharing them with the blog.

      Glad you’re enjoying the sword sound. I’ve dubbed it the ‘Sword of Omens Magic Aura’ and we use it a lot to convey the personality of the sword. Maybe it will be a subject of a future blog post!

      I’m not sure about a soundtrack CD but I will ask about it the next time I see Kevin the composer.

      -Jeff (yep, that’s my name)

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