Project Spotlight: Bigfoot & Grey

My friend and animation producer/director extraordinaire Chris Savino has put together a fantastic short starring a live action (and well groomed) Bigfoot and his alien friend Grey. Chris funded the project through Indie Go-Go and started a blog of his own to chronicle the entire experience. If you are into DIY production, I think you’ll find it facinating. Read all the details from the creation of the Grey puppet (from scratch!) all the way to the green screen shoot and post process.

This quirky little commercial features my sound design as well as an original theme song I wrote. I’ve been told it is catchy, which makes me happy. Check out the video below and tell your friends to jump on board and help Bigfoot and Grey on the run go viral!

Insider Info! After hearing the theme song a few times, Chris asked me if I had lyrics in mind when I wrote it. To be honest, I didn’t, however I did come up with these on the spot (see if you at home can fit the following into the credits music):

Let’s all go on the run with Bigfoot.
a-and his A-li-en friend Grey!

As always, thanks for listening for what sounds like Jeff.


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