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Hello, I’m Jeff Shiffman and I love sound. I don’t paint or sculpt. I can’t use magic markers without getting ink all over my hands. I design sound and write music, which for almost a decade I have been fortunate enough to do professionally.

By day, I’m a Supervising Sound Editor and owner of a company for sound design and music composition, Sound Underground (by night, I’m also these things, only sleeping). Currently, you can find me hard at work designing sound for the new Thundercats (Warner Animation/Cartoon Network) series as well as Kick Buttowski (Disney/Disney XD).

As for this blog, I’ve started it in order to bridge the gap between fan and producer and hopefully show a little insight into how sound design for film and television works. You’d be surprised how many quick fixes and crazy solutions make it to air and I’d love to share some of these with you. Maybe you’re a fan of Thundercats. Maybe you’re an up and coming sound designer. Or maybe you’d just like a little inside baseball for the post production end of the entertainment industry (if so, that’s awesome. There can’t be many of you out there!). Regardless, I truly appreciate your readership and invite you to join along in the discussion. It’s a small blog and a small community… comments are always welcome.

As always, thanks for listening for what sounds like Jeff!

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Email me: info@sound-underground.com
Hey, that sounds like Jeff!


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